An expert artificial grass contractor should be able to advise you on your enquiry on the suitable fake grass. Besides the length of the grass, there are many considerations that might impact your decision to install the synthetic turf. For example, what kind of preparation work needs to be done on the floor? Or the suitable installation method which may affect the future water drainage, as well as reasonable costing. Lastly, an artificial grass specialist should also be able to advise customer on the accessories, such as drain cell, geotextile as well as shock pad. This is where we are able to help.

About Us

Green Touch is an established company with strong roots in this synthetic grass industry. We do supply artificial grass under the brand of Grass Master. Thus, our artificial grass is known to be among the best quality grass in the market. We specialise in KL and Selangor, but we will consider bigger projects across Malaysia.

Our excellent customer service is well known among top corporate companies and individual owners. These satisfied customers help us develop and grow into who we are today. Our professional workers consist of skilful workers expert in installing artificial grass as well as a little landscape designing using artificial grass.

Our many years of experience allow us to undertake various projects of different sizes nationwide. We also have a wide range of equipment and facilities required to install fake grass. We commit to use the best technology for our customers’ artificial grass project, to deliver the utmost quality greens.


We aim to provide high quality artificial grass that exceeds their expectation. We believe in treating our customers with faith and respect. We grow through creativity, innovation and invention as we integrate integrity, honesty, and business ethics into our work culture.


Our vision is to build long term relationships with our customers. We also hope to provide exceptional after sales and services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

What Are We Specialised In?

We mainly supply and install high quality artificial grass of different thickness and specifications for residential, commercial, recreational and educational institution. We also cover specialised venue for artificial grass which includes golf putting and sports arena. Last but not least, we also provide services like:

  • landscaping and consultation
  • subsoil and drainage piping
  • artificial grass maintenance


Therefore, if you are looking for artificial grass, do check with us. Leave your artificial grass designs with us, and we assure you of quality work at a reasonable price. Get it right the first time, by appointing us, rather than less quality synthetic grass or workmanship. You may need to tear it down and redo it at double the cost.

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