Artificial Carpet Grass

Artificial carpet grass is the most common short term fake grass solution. There are many uses for these artificial grasses. For example, it is used in apartment balcony, or indoor space in your house, as well as commercial building such as nurseries or playground.

There are many types of carpet grass. You need to understand the different features of each carpet grass to appreciate the benefit. Then you can always choose the best fake grass that is most suitable to your needs.

Types of Artificial Carpet Grass

a) Nylon

Nylon is the strongest and is the stiffest pile with the different types of artificial grass. It will keep its original shape no matter how much foot traffic it is endurance. It can also withstand extremely high temperatures without melting or losing stability. Thus it is often use in golf course and exhibition centres.

Nylon form of artificial turf are extremely expensive and are often used for putting or as a secondary thatch to improves the strength and stability of more expensive forms of turf.  Due to courser cut and texture, it may look like natural grass but it will not be as soft, nor will it react in the same way as less expensive materials.

b) Polyethylene

Polyethylene is extremely life-like and it is the artificial turf many homeowners’ first choice when it comes to converting their natural grass lawn to synthetic. It offers both the softer texture of natural grass as well as its vibrant green look. It offers an ideal surface for playgrounds, school and nurseries. More often than not, it is a perfect choice for outdoor spaces. Higher end forms of polyethylene turf are extremely resilient and, when combined with a secondary thatch made of nylon will hold up extremely well, even during the most rigorous types of play. It requires little to no maintenance, other than an occasional brushing or raking to make sure the infill and blades retain their cushion and bounce.

c) Polypropylene

Polypropylene is the least expensive and also the least durable of the three types of artificial grass. Although the price may be appealing if a homeowner is out looking for a bargain, it may not be the best choice for sports  if durability and resiliency are needed. Because of its finer texture, polypropylene will wear out much quicker than sturdier forms of turf. It also has a lower melting point. This means that if it is installed in areas where high heat is common, prolonged exposure can lead to disfiguration making the blades look misshapen and unnatural. It provides a soft roll and many golfers will use it for their home putting greens. Since the blades and mesh backing are made of a lighter weight, more pliable material, this type of turf is ideal for indoor spaces use as carpet or decorative material.


Therefore, if you are looking for short term and temporary solution, you need to understand the different types of artificial carpet grass. Only then would you be able to choose the correct grass depending on your needs. You can engage our supply of artificial grass service. We can deliver to you if the volume is big. Call us to discuss. We cover KL and Selangor, mainly in Rawang, Petaling Jaya, Ampang, KLCC, Cheras, Puchong , Shah Alam, Klang and Putrajaya.

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