Artificial Grass for Exhibitions

Making a lasting impression on customers could pay massive dividends in the future. Nowadays, many people use artificial grass for the exhibitions. This clearly accentuate their product is environment friendly. Besides that, it also injects some freshness in the aesthetic feel.

How it is being used

Our artificial grass range can give you the extra edge over other. Our grasses are designed to look and feel excellent, indoor as well as outdoor spaces within the shopping complex exhibition area. Various companies and shopping centres have contacted us requiring grass carpet that can be laid for a scene and then rolled away and stored for the next exhibition purposes.

As an exhibitor, do you worry about how you are going to make your products stand out from the crowd? Are you searching for new ways to bring interested customers to your stand? All you need is a small piece of artificial grass to brighten up your exhibition stand, helping to bring your products to life. Artificial grass can set you apart if your exhibition with displaying items or designs to put them in context and allow you to create a perfect outdoor or indoors atmosphere.

Unfortunately, it is not practical to use real grass as it will die off very quickly. A synthetic turf can be used exactly the same as carpet. It can be installed anywhere on an exhibition while allowing for quick and easy removal.


We supply artificial grass to numerous customers for a variety of playgrounds for school and nurseries that is of the highest quality.  Our experienced team can carry out quickly and efficiently installation, with minimal disruption and most of all, at competitive prices.

Our team of artificial grass specialists seek to understand customer requirements for their exhibition to achieve the desired results. We specializes in KL and Selangor, but we can arrange for delivery across Malaysia if the volume is big.

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