Best Artificial Grass for Garden

Lush and green all year round without the need for mowing, weeding, watering or fertiliser! Artificial grass for garden is environment friendly. Besides, it is ideal for anyone who prefers to spend more  time enjoying a perfect lawn than cultivating one.

What to Consider in Artificial Grass for Garden

But with so many options to choose from, synthetic turf can be a daunting prospect for first-time buyers. How long should it be? Which is suitable for playground and what about balcony and roof top? What different colours are available? Are some types more hard-wearing than others? With that in mind, here are the key considerations you should have before investing in artificial grass for your garden.

a) Length of the Blades

Not all surfaces are the same length, so it’s important to thick about the length of the artificial grass’s blade. You need to decide whether you want luscious longer blades, or a shorter variety that offers a neater, well-kept look. Either surface, you will not need the lawn mower!

b) Shades and Colours

Different turf products will use different shades and colour. There are many from the greener-than-green traditional-look grasses, to others that incorporate brown yarns at the root for a more realistic look and feel.

c) Density of the Blades

The density of the grass you choose will also affect its look. You should choose thick grass if you’re after a luxurious appearance. However, choose a less dense fake grass, for a neat, manicured lawn. It gives a more relaxed appearance.

d) Usage for the Artificial Grass

For the most energetic families with pets and children, there are artificial grass products available that are more hardwearing than those recommended for low-use gardens. Look for the strongest and most durable yarns that are recommended for heavier usage.  

e) Colour Fading of the Grass

Whichever product you choose, you’ll want to make sure the yarn has been UV stabilised to ensure the potential occurrence of fading will be minimised over the years.  


Hence, artificial grass for garden is one of the most searched for solution. If you want a long term greenery with low maintenance for your garden, our artificial grass is your choice. Just because your outside space doesn’t comprise of acres of land, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you do have! Whether you have a large garden, or a small balcony, little changes can help!  

We specialises in landscaping designs using artificial grass, as well residential indoor spaces or commercial outdoor spaces. We have done many projects in KL and Selangor, as well as some other parts of Malaysia. 

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