Artificial Grass for Golf Putting Greens

Artificial Grass for Golf Putting Greens are one of the most popular type of artificial grass usage in residential. Most people try to combine the functionality of having a practice putting green at your house and enjoying the aesthetic beauty of greenery in your house.

Firstly, they would be able to practice their putting strokes at their own leisure time. Secondly, it does add a greenery effect on the interior and exterior designs of your house. Hence, most people would prefer to install a simple or extensive putting green at their house, especially those who are avid golfer.

Benefits of using artificial grass for golf putting greens

The advantages of using synthetic grass for a home putting green far out-weight natural grass. First and foremost, Artificial Grass Turf needs little maintenance. It has ever-lasting features, which makes it easy for the owner to keep the turf shinny and lively. Nor it needs lawn mower or water to keep it going green.  Synthetic golf greens simulate the look, the feel and performance of a natural environment.

If you’re weighing options for materials to use for your personal putting green try the two types of synthetic turf suitable for golf greens – Polypropylene and Nylon. These fake turf grasses affects ball control and speed for various types of strokes and are designed to drain water.

The artificial grass for golf putting greens are manufactured and installed with weather-resistant materials. This golf turf is made with finer fibres and up to 36% more fibres per square inch than those in other artificial greens.


Our installation team prides itself on providing the premier synthetic turf lawn systems  includes our unique compaction methods and special types of base rock that truly differentiates from other backyard synthetic lawns and putting green companies.

We specialises in design, supply and installation of artificial grass. Whether if it is for residential artificial grass or commercial designs such schools, restaurants or vertical walls, we have the necessary experience. We cover mainly in KL and Selangor, but we have also done other bigger projects such as Johor and Penang. Feel free to call us for enquiry.

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