Artificial Grass for Pets

When installing indoor or outdoor artificial grass, you may wonder what the best option for pets is. The main consideration for artificial grass for pets has to be that the fake grass is pet-friendly. Besides, these grasses should also not create any allergic reaction against the artificial grass material.

Artificial pet grass is valuable for kennels, boarding facilities and even veterinarian offices. It provides a cleanable, drainable, and antimicrobial surface with comfortable space for animals. Some pets prefer a bigger place to run, such as artificial grass carpets or even for artificial garden grass. Hence, we use the same material, whether it is for big or small area, if it is artificial grass for pets.

Features of Artificial Grass for Pets

Antimicrobial protection – Safe and non-toxic chemicals are actually incorporated into the filament blades of the grass. In addition, the antimicrobial agents help to protect the yarn from stains and odours associated with bacteria.

Durability – Short, dense blade construction makes the artificial grass for pets super durable and can withstand even the biggest dog running or rolling on it. Pet turf is strong enough for residential or commercial installations.

Permeable backing – The unique feature of knitted flow through backings allow for proper drainage of fluid filtering. Unlike blankets and towels, artificial pet grass actually repels waste and allows it to disperse thus making synthetic grass maintenance a breeze. Due to the density of the knitted construction, there is no need for infill below the base. Without the infill, it eliminates any odour issues from absorbing urine.

Cleaner alternative – Rather than dealing with muddy pet paws and accumulated dirt, artificial pet grass is a much better alternative than mulch or sand. The plastic artificial grass surface can simply be washed off with a hose.

Easy installation – The DIY artificial installation process couldn’t be easier. Pet turf is rolled out on top of flexible crushed stone, bark or sod backfill and secured by perimeter nail boards.

Safety – The antimicrobial chemical treatment in the blades of the specialty pet grass is considered completely safe, is non-flammable and poses no threat to people or their pets.

Custom sizing available – Whether your installation are is large or small, you can get a custom size on any artificial pet grass product. From portable artificial pet mats that can be used for potty training to rolled out artificial pet turf, it’s not limited to a one size fits all.


Therefore, if you have pets and you are looking to do landscaping for your house, you should consider fake grass. This is because unlike natural grass, there is artificial grass which is specially manufactured with features suitable for pets. Hence, if you have any needs in this area, do consult us. We are the specialist artificial grass installer, focus mainly in KL and Selangor.

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