Artificial Grass for Your Green Roof

You can achieve a stylish, lively `green oasis’ from up above window, by installing artificial grass for roof top. This green roof concept is easily combined with your own personal taste in decoration and creation with potted plants and garden furniture. We can also help you do landscape design with artificial grass for garden which will match any style.

With different types of artificial grass for outdoor spaces and choice of one that suits your balcony or roof terrace. The drainage must be well organized and the substrate must be level. Also make sure you secure (fasten) the grass carpet firmly. A roof deck forms one of your home’s critical spots of high winds.

Benefits of Artificial Grass on Roof Top

Advantage artificial grass for green roofs can be used on lighter roof constructions with attractive appearance and minimal maintenance. Absorbing with insulating effect and recycle friendly with carpet-to-carpet re-installation.

A roof garden is a great way to create extra living space and enjoy the benefits of a calming green garden in the middle of a hectic environment. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home after work and enjoy in your own personal oasis or invite your friends to a rooftop garden party?

There are some avid golfers who would also install artificial grass for golf, on their roof top slab. They are usually staying in bungalow, which they convert their roof top into their private putting green practice.

Concerns on Artificial Grass for Roof Top

The drainage of the roof must be good for the lifetime of the artificial grass otherwise flooding will occur when the artificial grass is laid. This is critical as any flooding on roof top, may cause water leaking to your house. You may then spend more to hire waterproofing specialist. Normally, we use quality Draincell for our drainage problems.

Unlike artificial grass for playground and golf course, you will need to check the correct joists are below the roof to carry the additional weight of the grass, people, furniture etc. Have suitable barriers around the rooftop to prevent kids falling from the roof. Get a specialist to install, as it may be a safety hazard if it is not installed correctly. People may trip over uneven artificial grass on roof top.


If you are interested to explore some designs on your roof top, you can contact us. We can assist you to do up some simple landscape design with artificial grass on your roof top. It can be both functional and aesthetic view.

We cover KL and Selangor, but if you have a big project, we can also travel across Malaysia. We have executed projects in Eco Botanic in Johor before as well. We will be happy to help advise on your artificial grass needs.

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