Artificial Turf for Tennis

Nowadays, many people are installing artificial grass for their tennis court. Synthetic Turf tennis courts are easier on your knees and hips than hard courts. Good synthetic tennis surfaces maintain their good looks without cracking or delaminating. There are several different tennis surfaces to give you a choice that replicates grass and clay performance.

Advantage of Artificial Grass for Tennis Court

Also known as Fake Grass tennis court, have several advantages compared to their natural grass counterparts. Being able to count the texture of a court being the same at all levels of play is extremely important, especially when a player is trying to avoid injuries and improve the quality of their game.

Unlike clay, natural grass, gravel or hard courts, synthetic grass tennis courts can be used year-round and in all weather conditions. These courts are suitable for people of all ages. By altering the height of the sand that is filled in the synthetic grass tennis court kit, you can alter the speed of the ball. We have heard from pros that these courts are softer than hard courts and can play slow like clay or fast like hard courts or natural grass.

Fake turf is made of the best materials and it is designed to last many years, so you do not have to worry about all the inconveniences of the natural grass courts. It is very well known that the natural grass after using it for a long time gets damage and then appear bald spots on the ground. Shorter pile grass is used for sports applications such as tennis courts, hockey pitches or golf putting greens. The individual blades of grass also come in different widths.

Synthetic Turf Tennis court is a surface comprised of polypropylene or polyethylene grass fibres in-filled with a specially graded sand top dressing. The sand filled dressing comes in a variety of colours, with green or sandstone being the most popular colours.

Court owners need to be aware that sand filled artificial grass surfaces, as with any surface, do not last forever. They do have a finite life. When you’re researching fake grass prices and artificial grass for tennis court surfaces, maintenance costs is usually one of the big problems.


We have an extensive range of turf varieties to suit all needs, from residential to playgrounds, as well as top quality putting green turf. Hence, look no further. Call us to enquire if you have any artificial grass queries. We have done projects for KL and Selangor as well as some bigger projects outside of Klang Valley.

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