Artificial Grass for Wall or Vertical

Artificial grass is a carpet of green synthetic fibres that are made to look like real grass. Today, artificial grass is the most common ‘umbrella’ term used to describe all kinds of manufactured grasses. Another term for this type of synthetic grass is known as Fake grass. Nowadays, artificial grass is not just being used as floors, there are also artificial grass for walls or vertical space.

Challenges of Artificial Grass on Vertical Space or Walls

Some commercial building such as hotels and convention centre wants to build a greenery concept. In order to achieve this with real shrubs and plants, it is a major challenge. Because, how do you maintain a uniformed growth on the hanging plants. Certain areas rarely receive sunlight, as it’s blocked by a fence or a wall. In addition, watering the plants is also a challenge, as the source of water may be difficult to reach. Maintenance is another aspect as we definitely need to replace dead grass or plants on the wall. If it is not removed, it would look very ugly and one piece of dead plants would spoil the entire façade. Labour cost of having a landscaper to maintain your wall garden would be very costly due to the difficulty of the task as well as frequency.

Solutions for Vertical Garden Space

In such scenario, having an artificial grass or fake plants would be the better alternative than live plants. You can consider different types of garden carpet grass material. Firstly, you can choose the shades of colour for your artificial grass on the wall. Secondly, it provides uniformed greenery on your wall, which will last you a long time. Besides that, this is also a low investment landscaping option, because it needs only low maintenance. Lastly, you can determine what kind of concept and designs you want for your commercial vertical spaces. And artificial grass can be customised easily to meet your requirements. Compared to live plants, fake grass and plants is a much easier process.


Hence, if you have any ideas which you want to add greenery on your vertical space, we can certainly help. We are the artificial grass specialist, with extensive knowledge on landscaping with artificial grass. We can advise you on which type of grasses to use, and how to maintaining these walls, do check with us.

We have done many projects mainly in KL and Selangor. But we are also expanding across Malaysia. You can also check with us, and if we have the resources to execute, we can also send our people to help supply and install the artificial grass.

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