Artificial Grass for Graden Furniture

If you have an artificial grass garden, what you need could just be some garden furniture to complement the landscape designs. A combination of hardscape and softscape is important. However, with added furniture, it will turn the design feel into aesthetic beauty and yet functional.

There are a few requirements you need to consider for outdoor garden furniture.

(i) Design of the garden furniture

You definitely want to ensure that your garden furniture complements your entire landscape design. For example, it will have some elements of outdoor feel, with some designs of wood-shaped furniture accessory.

(ii) Durability of the garden furniture

As the garden furniture is placed outdoor, hence you should get garden furniture that can last the climate in the country. In Malaysia, with the weather being hot and humid, coupled with whole year rain, your garden furniture should have durability to sustain the changing weather. Concrete structure with artificial marble certainly meets these requirements.

(iii) Functionality of the garden furniture

Having accessories to your garden landscape, you should also consider the functionality of this furniture. Some people built hardscape furniture, of which is of no use to the residents. After some time, it may look abandoned and not well-maintained.

(iv) Movability of the garden furniture

Besides that, if your garden furniture is light-weight, it allows the owner to relocate the furniture easily. Hence you do not need to dismantle and dispose it, even if you want to change the design. Although our furniture looks very solid and hard from the outside, it is actually very light-weight. A single person is able to carry the table and chair.

Features of our products

  • Material :  It is made of Concrete Structure, with Table Top coated with Artificial Marble. It looks elegant and classy as it looks like real marble table top.
  • Types : It comes with many different types, such as Table Top, Bench with Backrest, Bench without Backrest, and Stool.
  • Size and Dimension : Table Top comes in diameter of 32 inches; and height of 30 inches. Bench with Backrest comes in length of 32 inches; width of 15 inches; and height of 33 inches. Bench without Backrest comes in length of 32 inches; width of 15 inches; and height of 15.5 inches. Stool come is diameter of 15 inches; and height of 15.5 inches.
  • Promotional Sets :
    1. Garden Table Set A – 1 Table and 5 Stools.
    2. Garden Table Set B – 1 Table, 1 Bench with Backrest, 4 stools.
    3. Garden Table Set C – 1 Table, 3 Bench with Backrest, 2 stools
    4. Garden Table Set D – 1 Table, 3 Bench without Backrest
    5. Garden Table Set E – 1 Table, 1 Bench with Backrest, 1 Bench without Backrest, 2 stools


Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your garden with some furniture, you can consider our Artificial Marble Garden Furniture. It does look good with artificial grass. Besides that, it is also very durable, as well as light weight if you want to move it in future, for redecoration purposes. Call us to check in more details.

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