What is Artificial Grass? What is it made off?

Artificial lawn grass consists of syntheticgrass-like fibers or yarn – often polypropylene or polyethylene. Quality artificial lawn grass consists of several layers, including backing, cushioning, two or three drainage layers and infill, which is often made from substances like recycled rubber tires or natural cork.

Artificial grass is a carpet of green synthetic fibres that are made to look like real grass. These days, artificial grass is the most common ‘umbrella’ term used to describe all kinds of manufactured grass. But it’s also interchangeable with other terms like:

  • artificial turf
  • synthetic grass
  • synthetic turf.

Type of Artificial Grass available?

  • 20mm – GM Evergreen … This light weight artificial grass is ideal for vertical surfaces, walls, rooftop, and indoors. As the short grass is upright, it gives a scenery that soothing to the eyes and mind.
  • 30mm – GM Elegant … This soft artificial grass gives a natural appearance with mixture of green and brown fibres. It gives the garden an elegant look and extremely soft feel.
  • 40mm – GM Exclusive … This thick and long grass is intended to imitate natural grass. It gives your back yard the most real and natural looking grass.
  • Golf – GM Golfie … Turn your backyard into a mini golf course for practice range. It has high density monofilament fibres which allows smooth golf ball roll for experienced golfers.

Where is it often used?

Garden – Most people opt to install artificial grass for their garden because they needed a low maintenance garden. However, although you do not need to trim and water the grass, you will still need to sweep the dried leaves and dust. As these synthetic grasses are in outdoor, hence it is still succeptible to these external factors.

Balcony – Whether it is for your balcony in the apartment or balcony in your double storey house, it is just not suitable to maintain fresh grasses. Hence, the only option is to install fake grass. It provides low maintenance, and less messy to walk on.

Indoor Space – Some people would like to create natural green for commercial and indoor space. The only option we can achieve this is if we use fake grass. This is because we definitely cannot grow natural grass in indoor spaces.

Event – We always use synthetic grass in events in place of carpets. This will certainly accentuate the aesthetic value of the exhibition subject. It also looks different as compared using normal carpet for exhibition or events.


Therefore, if you are considering whether to install artificial grass, there are a few things you need to do. Firstly, you need to understand the features of these synthetic grasses. Then, you would be able to appreciate the benefits of installing these fake grasses. Next, you would need to consider where you intend to install these grasses. Lastly, you may need to consider the costs of installing the artificial grass. Hence, it is best to engage artificial grass specialist to advise, supply and install for your house, office or shop.

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